Keisha Curtis 

Licensed Massage Practitioner

Nevada State Board of Massage Therapist #6266 

Keisha Curtis is a licensed massage therapist in Reno, Nevada. Her practice changes the way you think about massage therapy, because it involves bodywork to improve overall health and to enhance your lifestyle. The therapeutic massage experience you receive puts you back in the game of life so that you can enjoy the things you love to do. Her goals for every client are to identify and to clear up the adhesions of scar tissue by increasing the body’s range of motion and flexibility.  Keisha’s wide-ranging bodywork services include:


- Neuromuscular Pain Therapy

- Trigger Point Therapy

- Sports Massage

- Swedish Massage

- Deep Tissue Massage

- Pregnancy Massage

- Temporomandibular Disorders (TMJ)

- Stretching

- Lessons in Self-Massage

"Keisha is truly one of the best massage therapists I have been to. Excellent, intuitive, professional."

Reno is Keisha’s home, and she loves everything about it: the people, the festivals, the four seasons. She is a sports enthusiast, a century cyclist, and a 4x-time national downhill snow skier. She plays hard, so she knows what it's like to not enjoy the things she once loved because of old injuries.


Keisha received her training at the Milan Institute of Massage and at the Thai Massage School Shivagakomarpaj, and is licensed to practice massage therapy and traditional Thai massage.

Touch Is Our Primary Tool

We use touch to change a client's awareness in how they move, breath, think, process, and react to the world around them. Each Touch therapy session employs the pressure that is right from you, from non-touch, ultra-light (feather) touch, medium pressure, to deep and ultra deep pressure.

Our touch, combined with range of motion activities, directed movement and specific stretches help you to let go of the stress, anxiety, or embedded memories that might be causing you to ache or experience pain. The integrated use of touch, along with guided breathing, healing words and affirmations, visualization, music and specific aromas gives us the unique power to go where conventional massage therapy cannot.

By focusing on opening and balancing your body's energy pathways, we can provide a time and experience that gives you the power to break free from the tentacle of past events or people who harmed your psyche.

"You'll be turned into a giant glob of jelly, completely relaxed and will leave smiling ear to ear!"


We do what is necessary to eliminate months & years worth of tightness, stored stress, toxic memories and anxiety. Our team of trained and experienced massage and body work professionals work hard to live up to our reputation for offering men, women and couples thebest full body relaxation, therapeutic, energy-based massages and chair massages in Reno.

We bring energy work, relaxation & deep tissue release to a new level by combining advanced techniques from around the world. Based on your needs, your therapist may: Use Thai influenced stretches & amazingly deep pressure to the muscles along the spine and lower back palpate, chop & squeeze your muscles till they give up and relax completely glide their forearms across your muscles from head to toe (LomiLomi) drive their elbows deep into your muscles & fascia and go deep via muscle stripping and acupressure to melt those "memory knots" and stubborn muscles. You'll be turned into a giant glob of jelly, completely relaxed and will leave smiling ear to ear!

In the end, you will walk away feeling relaxed, unwound and measurably better. If you are already operating a high frequency, then our sessions will assist in taking you to the next level in your personal journey.