Benefits of Floating

Sensory Deprivation Chamber

  • Research shows that topical magnesium intake is a great way to balance magnesium deficiency from a poor diet

  • Floating helps your body decompress from gravity & the effects it has on your body

  • Your spine, muscles & joints all begin to relax & decompress, allowing for alignment & feel better circulation. Some find that this speeds up the recovery process after intense physical activity

  • Lower-frequency Thata brainwaves (linked with meditation through academic studies) are increased.

  • Decrease in heart rate & muscle tension relieve stress, so a practise of regular floating can help people better cope with anxiety & addiction

  • Increased creativity & problem solving

About Healing One

Healing One is the first commercial establishment to bring sensory deprivation to Reno and Sol State Massage wants to invite everyone to visit this center so they can answer any questions, and talk to you about the benefits of combining massage and floating to give you a full-body reset.

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